To reclaim your freedom you must sacrifice those who want to sacrifice you


The Game

Goatrifice is a game about a goat sacrifice but played the other way around. You, as the goat, must sacrifice the posers metal heads who tried to offer you as sacrifice.

While you avoid being sacrificed you can dash onto your enemies to kill them and let them be consumed by the cursed souls of hell. Each killing gives you blood and more blood attracts more enemies. This is a bloody game.


The Team

Goatrifice was made by a team of three Chileans and one Venezuelan: @Arbosis@erick-dos-ramos@ja-viera@slagos

The game was made in Unity3D 2018.3 in 2 days and a few extra hours (we have to work on Mondays).


The downloadable PC version of the game runs much better than the web version. Please try that one to enjoy the full experience


Download 56 MB


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Kill those posers!